Netizen raised discussions about Kim Woo Bin’s kindness, saying this is the reason why Shin Min Ah falls in love with him

Kim Woo Bin recently made headlines for his sweet reply to a kid’s mistakenly sending him messages. Therefore, netizens are discussing his true personality.

On September 27, Kim Woo Bin revealed a text message conversation through his SNS.

Kim woo bin

The conversation contains a message from a person who is believed to be a little kid to Kim Woo Bin, saying, “Uncle, I’m Yuri; please come and buy the dog some snacks”. In response, Kim Woo Bin kindly replied, “Yuri ah, you sent this to a wrong number”. 

In this situation, although the actor could have ignored this text, he still replied to the kid with nice words. Fans who saw this conversation responded, “Yuri ah, you’re so lucky”, “If Yuri sees this text, she will get goosebumps.”

This text message conversation spread beyond Kim Woo Bin’s account to other SNS sites and online communities. People have been retelling this story as a beautiful story to praise the true personality of Kim Woo Bin, who is kind not only to fans but also to other people.

Kim woo bin

In fact, Kim Woo Bin once caught the attention of netizens when he was seen politely giving the fee to the parking valet, who parked the car for him, with two hands. His words and actions to others prove that he is still nice and friendly like he used to be and has become an example of kindness in the eyes of netizens.

Kim woo bin

Along with high expectations for Kim Woo Bin’s comeback, the public’s interest in Shin Min Ah, who he has been dating for a long time, has also heated up. Kim Woo Bin publicized his romantic relationship with actress Shin Min Ah in 2015, and the couple is currently under the same company, AM Entertainment. Kim Woo Bin recently finished filming for “Alien”, a new film by director Choi Dong Hoon.

Kim woo bin

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