Netflix’s new series “Hellbound”: poster similar to a North Korean propaganda painting of Kim Il-sung

Another ambitious Netflix series, “Hellbound”, will finally be released today (Nov 19th).

Hellbound” tells the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which humans are sentenced to hell by the hell lions that appeared out of nowhere and the intertwined between the New Village Unity Society, a religious organization that revived under the chaos, and those who try to reveal the horrible truth. Yoo Ah-in’s outstanding acting skill for this series is also drawing more attention.

However, the similarity between the “Hellbound” poster and a North Korean idolization art of Kim Il-sung is currently a hot topic. In the poster, Yoo Ah-in is surrounded by children while holding a child in one hand. Below the poster, a bleeding child is lying down on the floor. In the painting known as a poster to idolize Kim Il-sung, Kim Il-sung is also seen hugging the children with a kind smile.

Regarding this, netizens raised speculations, saying, “I don’t think they made the poster without knowing this, they definitely know about it in advance”, “I think Yoo Ah-in’s character has some relations to Kim Il-sung”.

Hellbound” was released at 5 P.M today, and netizens are paying keen attention to whether the question about this part can be solved.


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