BTS and B.A.P are the clearest evidence that shows the importance of a good agency

Same model but the career of BTS and B.A.P turned in two different directions.

B.A.P and BTS are among the outstanding idol groups of the third generation. Although BTS debuted a little later than B.A.P, basically, the members of the two groups are all at the same age and have a great passion for music. The music genres that BTS and B.A.P both pursue are rap and hiphop. The two groups are well-known for their good teamwork and strong friendship among members.

Different from BTS, right from its debut, B.A.P was invested a lot of money for quality products by its company. The group became “a monster rookie” with a strong image, amazing choreography, ability to rap and sing stably. In 2012 and 2013, B.A.P is expected to become the leading boygroup in the following years.

However, after that, TS Entertainment did not invest as much money in B.A.P as before. Instead, the company exploited the members’ labor and only gave them 1% of the total profit. The conflict was pushed to the top when all 6 members filed a lawsuit against the company, which shocked the K-POP fan community. After that, the two sides reached an agreement.

However, their fight in the past couldn’t push B.A.P’s career any further. After Secret’s fame starts to dwindle, B.A.P became the main income source of TS Entertainment. They didn’t have any influence in their own country but decided to focus on long abroad tours. And what must come have come, B.A.P could only be with TS until their contract is expired. Today (Dec 24th), the agency officially announces the second member to leave the group is Zelo.

Hearing this news, many netizens show their sorrow: “Thanks for completing the tour even though your contract has expired. You have worked so hard. I will always support you”, “This is Bang Yongguk’s group, right? He may have left but they have lots of good songs. It’s sad to see them continuously leave their group”, “B.A.P…they have the same start as BTS, all these things show how important the agency is to the success of a group”

On contrary to B.A.P, their junior BTS has met their magical turn after 5 years. With the support and protection of Big Hit Entertainment, BTS has the best mental condition to go forward slowly but steadily.

Even though Big Hit is not a big company, BTS had been through ups and downs the first 3 years after their debut, but it is for sure that what BTS have achieved today is the result of the harmonization and understanding between the agency and their artists.

As a matter of fact, for a group to become successful doesn’t depend only on talent and hard work. Luck is also an important factor, and especially a passionate agency who respect their artists as artists, not as income sources. BTS and B.A.P are two prominent proof of how important the agency is to an artist.

Source: TN

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