NCT member was said to have intentions regarding Jisoo (BLACK PINK) on Inkigayo

The fact that Doyoung quickly hid Jisoo’s mandarin in his pocket caused K-POP fans to suspect that he had a relationship with her.

In the latest episode of Inkigayo, Jennie officially promoted the song “SOLO” on music show. As expected, the female idol surpassed TWICE with double points and had the first trophy on music show.

Since it was her first solo performance, Jennie received the support from the rest of BLACK PINK members. The girls gave encouragement to Jennie through tangerine in a lovely basket and sent them to the studio. The female idol had shown it to fans and the audience watching the show.

At that moment, a detail made K-POP fans pay attention. As Jennie “was caught off guard”, MC Doyoung (NCT) quickly hid the tangerine with Jisoo‘s message in his pocket. This moment was recorded by the camera.

Doyoung hid the fruit that Jisoo sent to Jennie

Doyoung’s strange behavior caused fans to suspect that he had a relationship with the YG idol. However, fans said that Doyoung and Jisoo used to be MCs on Inkigayo, so he had a good relationship with Jisoo is understandable.

Source: tinnhac

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