SHINee’s Key And Taemin Criticized For Making Fun Of Minho’s Tan Skin

Fans got angry at Key and Taemin’s colorist mentions of Minho’s skin

In a new content that was recently released on SHINee’s channel, Minho talked about his hobby of playing golf and invited the members to join if they had time.

Hearing that, Taemin suddenly laughed and said, “Hyung, every time I saw you after you played golf, I couldn’t see any white parts on your face except for the eyes and teeth”.


Upon hearing that, Key added, “Why is your skin so dark? You know, if Minho closes his mouth and eyes in the dark, he would become invisible”.

In particular, Minho really loves his natural tan skin and has even refused recommendations of products for white skin many times.


The video of this scene spread widely on social media and in online communities. A fan pointed out that Taemin and Key were rude when making fun of Minho’s skin color and Minho also looked uncomfortable after hearing their jokes. 


Other fans also complained that the members’ jokes about Minho’s skin were excessive because Minho had been receiving negative comments about his natural tan skin after he started playing golf.

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