Jeon So-mi is confident with her 1st full album “XOXO”, will it continue “Dumb Dumb” viral streak?

Singer Jeon So-mi is returning with her first full-length album in two years since her solo debut. She confidently described her upcoming album as “A Year-end Complete Gift Set.”   

On the morning of the 29th, Jeon So-mi held an online showcase to announce the release of her first full-length album “XOXO.”

Jeon So-mi’s back about three months after “DUMB DUMB” which was released in August. This will be Jeon So-mi’s first full-length album, two years since her solo debut.

Regarding her quick comeback in three months, Jeon So-mi said, “I can’t believe I’m having a comeback only after three months. I’m excited and looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it because there are various song genres this time,” she said.

Jeon So-mi said, “To think that the music I’ve only listened to alone can now be released to the world and my fans can listen to it too, I’m so excited and just want to let you hear it as soon as possible.

Regarding her first full-length album since her debut, Jeon So-mi said, “It’s my first full-length album, so it’s very meaningful to me. We’ve worked hard to prepare for this. The focus was to prepare songs with as many genres and personalities as possible. There are no 2 songs that sound alike at all, and I also changed my voice in order to try to show you various sides of me,” she said.

The album was produced by Teddy, the head of The Black Label, and Pink Sweat$, a world-renowned U.S. R&B singer-songwriter. Jeon So-mi also participated in writing lyrics for a number of songs.

Jeon So-mi said, “The image I wanted to include in this album is my confidence. I have talked about how “Dumb Dumb” has given me the confidence and relaxation, but this album feels like a full asset so I also feel like I’m a full asset myself.”

When asked if the popularity of her previous track “Dumb Dumb” served as a burden or not, she answered, “It did not come as a burden. Rather, I gained confidence from it”. She said, “This full-length album holds a lot more weight. I’m happy that I’ll be able to perform a complete stage with more confidence because I think I’ve played an important role.”

The existing album production process and the regular album production process were not very different. Jeon So-mi said, “We didn’t differentiate the producing process between the existing album and the upcoming full-length album. When I had time, I prepared as many songs as possible and selected the best songs to put in the regular album, It’s not much, but the only difference is that we’ve recorded many songs at once and only selected the best.”

Moreover, regarding what makes this comeback song different from her previous music product, Jeon So-mi said, “This song is much more intense and it gives off a bad girl feel. I think that’s the difference.

The title song “XOXO” is a pop genre song featuring Jeon So-mi’s clear voice tone. “XOXO” is an idiomatic expression that is like adding “with love” at the end of a message or letter.

Jeon So-mi continued by introducing “XOXO”, saying “Though the expression ‘XOXO’ feels like saying ‘with love”, I made it a bit ironic to mean something like ‘eat well and live well’. The melody is easy to sing along to, and it’s suitable for listening while driving.

This album has a total of 8 songs, including the title song “XOXO“, “DUMB DUMB“, “Don’t Let Me Go (feat. Giriboy)“, “Anymore“, “Watermelon“, “BIRTHDAY“, “What You Waiting For“, and “Outta My Head“. These tracks were produced in different genres that would allow listeners to feel Jeon So-mi’s wider and deeper musical spectrum.

During the showcase, Jeon So-mi also revealed her feelings after debuting for 2 years. She said, “It’s already been 2 years. I don’t remember exactly everything I have done so far during that time. However, in music, I think I have already found out what I want to do and which kinds of music suit my voice well. I’ve expressed them all in this album”. Regarding the moment she realized her popularity and got praised as the next generation’s solo queen, Jeon So-mi said, “Many people joined the “DUMB DUMB” dance challenge. This made me think that a lot of people are supporting me.”

In addition, she also talked about her determination and plans as a solo singer, saying, “I’m practicing and trying to empty my mind. In fact, being a solo singer is not easy. I think to survive in this world, I will have to work harder and grow up on my own. I believe people will recognize me only when I work hard on my own without relying on others. I think self-development is really important.”

When asked what she wanted to achieve with her first full album, Jeon So-mi said she didn’t want to be too determined. She smiled and shared, “I shouldn’t expect too much or feel pressured. I should lower my expectations in order to get better results. In fact, I’m feeling relaxed and comfortable since I have already poured my everything into this album. I feel relieved to know that the audience can now listen to my songs rather than to aim for achievements.”

When asked about what this first full album means to her, Jeon So-mi said, “To me, this album is like a passport. I feel that I should take more responsibility and treat it with care. I also feel happy and excited about its release. I feel responsible since I have taken so many photos and recorded so many songs for this.”

Then, she said, “Through this album, I want to solidify my position as a solo artist. I hope many people will love it.”

Jeon So-mi’s first full album “XOXO” will be released on all music sites at 6 P.M on October 29th.

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