Nam Tae Hyun Clarifies ‘Poverty Cosplay Controversy’ in Emotional YouTube Update

Amidst the ‘poverty cosplay’ controversy, Nam Tae Hyun directly revealed his stance.

Nam Tae Hyun, who is under suspicion of marijuana use, recently shared updates through YouTube contents.

Previously, Nam Tae Hyun garnered attention by revealing his current situation from a drug addiction rehabilitation center. In the YouTube video released on July 24th, he expressed his regrets once again and talked about the changes in his life.

Nam Tae-hyun seo min jae

While under investigation for alleged marijuana use, the public’s opinion about Nam Tae Hyun sharing his current situation remained cold. His appearance, seeking empathy from viewers by expressing regret, had the opposite effect, leading to criticism.

He stated that he agreed to the interview to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs, but his lament about losing everything after drug use and struggling with enormous debts in his impoverished life only elicited ridicule. 

Moreover, the luxurious items visible in front of the camera contradicted his claim of a difficult life due to poverty, further fueling the negative public opinion.

nam tae hyun

As a result, comments such as “deceiving viewers,” “poverty cosplay,” “wearing luxury items and claiming poverty, how absurd,” and “is this really a life of poverty?” surfaced, pointing out Nam Tae Hyun’s contradictory image.

As the controversy grew, Nam Tae Hyun seemed conscious of the negative public opinion towards him and directly used his channel account to clarify, “The clothes I wear are all gifts from fans.” 

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun debuted as a member of Winner in 2014 and left the group in 2016. Since then, during his solo activities, he has come under various controversies, including allegations of marijuana use and drunk driving.

Source: Daum.

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