Crush, who is serving as a social service agent, has a month left ahead of military discharge

Red Velvet Joy, who is dating singer Crush, will soon wear “flower shoes”.

On August 11th, Crush will be discharged after completing 21 months of social service.

Crush entered the boot camp on November 12th, 2020.

Before enlistment, Crush told his fans, “Thinking that we have to part ways for a while is disappointing. As I anticipate the day we can meet again, I will take good care of myself.”

crush military

After completing 4 weeks of basic military training at the boot camp, Crush has been serving as a social service agent since then.

In August last year, when Crush was fulfilling his military duty, news of his relationship with Joy broke out.

At that time, Crush’s agency P Nation and Joy’s agency SM Entertainment said, “Crush and Joy met as senior – junior but recently had feelings for each other and started dating.”

crush joy

Joy, who has been wearing “rubber shoes” (expressing the mind of a girl that is waiting for her boyfriend doing the military service) for a year, has only a month left before putting on “flower shoes” (meaning the couple did not break up during the service).

Netizens showed enthusiastic reactions such as “Congratulations to both of you”, “Continue your beautiful love” and “This couple looks so good together.”

Meanwhile, Crush will perform on the stage of the “2022 RESFFECT FESTIVAL” held at 88 Lawn Field, Olympic Park, Seoul on August 28th after military discharge.

Source: insight

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