TWICE makes an unconventional comeback with ‘Fancy’ because they are “afraid of being boring”

TWICE – K-Pop’s representative girl group has made a comeback. The girls transform from the familiar concept to an unconventional one.

At the press showcase announcing the release of the 7th mini album “FANCY YOU” held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gangjin-gu, Seoul on 22nd, TWICE said: “This is the first album that we prepared this year. With the thought of wanting to make a better comeback, we worked really hard on this album”. The girls also hoped that the public will support them this time too.

Talking about TWICE ‘s title song ‘FANCY’, JYP Entertainment defined that it is a song with “mellow mood pop dance track that blends a trendy feel with elegant flute sound”.

The two producers – Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon – of TWICE’s previous songs such as the debut song ‘Like OOH-AHH’, ‘CHEER UP’, ‘TT’, ‘LIKEY’,…. have also taken charge this time as composer and lyricist for the title track.

Compared to their former concept, which is cute and sweet, this time the girls have brought it to a higher level of mature charm and have received a lot of comments saying it such an ‘unconventional’ concept.

Jihyo said: “ We have always shown you bright and full-of-energy images but in this album, we want to show you a more mature image.” She also said: “We don’t want to miss our bright image so we also put it on some parts of our choreography.”

This time is their first comeback in 4 months after “The Best I Ever Did” in December and 5 months after their official domestic activity with ‘YES or YES ‘ which was released last November.

TWICE said the reason for the change in concept is, “We have been continuously showing a bright image, so we wondered if we were becoming boring because of it or not. Then there came ‘FANCY’ which made us decided to try a transformation”. They also explained the reason why they chose the ‘All black’ concept for their outfit, “ it because we want to express a cute but still mature image.”

Especially, Chae Young said, “I wanted to show the public that TWICE can do such a concept.” She also said: “We think it will be a new turning point for us to come back with “FANCY” as our first album in Korea in 2019″.

The members also took part in writing lyrics for a lot of songs from this album. Talking about ‘STRAWBERRY’- the song that she had written the lyrics for, Chaeyeong said: “I love strawberries so I wanted to write lyrics on strawberries.” and explained the meaning of the lyrics as “No matter how delicious the processed strawberry is, the original strawberry flavor is more sweet and sour like our own selves”.

Despite the fact that they are now one of the representative girl groups of K-pop, they still modestly said: “Thank you for looking forward to us” and “We want to happily spend the days with ONCE and let’s always enjoy the stages together”

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