“Moving” Writer Kang Full “Jo In-sung Was As Comfortable As Someone Who Has Been Flying Since He Was Born”

On the Sep 27th broadcast of SBS Love FM’s “Heo Ji-woong Show”, popular webtoon artist Kang Full appeared as a guest and talked about “Moving”

Kang Full, the original author and screenwriter of “Moving“, which recently gained high acclaim for opening a new chapter for Korean hero series, discussed behind-the-scenes stories and season 2. “Moving” is a supernatural drama that deals with three teenage high school students and their parents who discover their superpowers.


The host Heo Ji-woong began by praising the series, “I watched ‘Moving.’ It was enjoyable.” He then mentioned his initial doubts, “At some point, I actually had doubts. Since the original author wrote the drama, I thought the story was slow because they wanted to increase the number of episodes. But after the middle, I and many others enjoyed it to the end.”

Kang Full responded, “To be honest, there were many responses like that. I’m relieved. That was my biggest concern at first. Nowadays, when the trend is to do about 12 episodes, insisting on 20 episodes was challenging. If this didn’t work out, it would have been my responsibility. I would probably have received a lot of criticism.


He expressed gratitude for the performances of all the actors and made special mention of Jo In-sung, “Jo In-sung did really well. He spoke so naturally and comfortably without trying to convey meaning or say cool words, like someone who has been flying since he was born.”

As the first season of “Moving” was immensely popular, there are high expectations for season 2. Kang Full explained the challenges regarding “Moving” season 2, “It’s a bit complicated. There are follow-up works called ‘Bridge’ and ‘Hidden’ as heralded in the webtoon. However, for it to work this way, another work called ‘Timing’ has to come out, and if that happens, the story becomes too vast. Viewers may want to see only ‘Moving’. If a different story suddenly appears, they might wonder what it is.”

He added, “If I were to give a clear answer, I think it will happen. Disney+ probably won’t let it go, but it’s quite urgent. The first season ended just last week. We are planning it. I asked the production team for a two-month sabbatical. The production team isn’t looking for me, but people around me keep looking for me. I’m also getting messages from friends I met about 10 years ago. So, I plan to make a decision (regarding the follow-up work) in a relatively short period of time.”


During the broadcast, there was a question about whether actor Yoo Seung-ho, whose birthday was briefly mentioned in “Moving”, was already scheduled to appear in season 2 due to the coincidence of his real birthday.

Kang Full explained, “I was surprised too. But I didn’t set it. The character Kim Young-tak’s birthdate (930817) was arbitrarily put in during a flashback of actor Kim Hee-won (as Choi Il-hwan).”

Meanwhile, “Moving” gained tremendous popularity and became one of the most-watched Korean original series on Hulu in the United States during its first week of release. It also ranked as the most-watched series during the first week of release in the Disney+ Asia-Pacific region, including Korea. Major American media outlets praised the series for its emotionally charged narrative, solid storytelling and impressive visuals.

Source: Daum

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