Yuju Mentions GFRIEND, “Group Comeback? It Will Happen Someday”

Singer Yuju talked about how GFRIEND members support her comeback

Yuju had an interview with Star News at the office building of KONNECT Entertainment on September 19th. She talked about her new single “DALALA” which was released on the 20th.

During the interview, Yuju was asked about the differences between singing as a solo artist and being the lead vocalist of GFRIEND.


In response, she said, “I think my No.1 priority in singing is expressing the lyrics. Rather than my vocal range, I focus more on how the lyrics can reach listeners. I think the powerful vocal that I used during GFRIEND activities may be less impactful than that of my solo activities, but I’m trying to improve other parts of my singing skills. Of course, I will sing something powerful like that if fans like it”.

When asked about the whereabouts of GFRIEND members, Yuju shared, “Whenever we gather in one place, we would spend hours telling stories, TMI and chatting about stuff like clothes and that helps us become even closer to each other”, adding “There is no fixed answer to the idea of a group promotion. I think the members are doing their best in their respective positions, and one day, we will be able to stand on one stage together again”.


She added, “We always show support to each other every time a member releases a new work. I felt very reassured and confident. They didn’t ask me to let them hear the song first. It doesn’t mean they are not curious about it. It is because we understand each other’s desire to show something together with the music video”.

Source: Daum

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