“Contract wife of Ko Kyung-pyo on Mon-Wed-Fri, Kim Jae-young on Tue-Thu-Sat,” the shocking story of Park Min-young’s new drama

Actress Park Min-young caught fans’ attention by playing an unconventional role that is called a “Contract Wife.”

Actress Park Min-young, who has been active in romance dramas, with representative works such as JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” and tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” has returned with a fun new series.

Recently, tvN raised expectations by releasing a teaser video for the new drama “Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday” starring Park Min-young, Ko Kyung-pyo and Kim Jae-young.

“Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,” which will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on September 21st, depicts the story of Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young), a “contract marriage master” who helps people that choose “No marriage” as their life motto.

Choi Sang-eun, a helper woman who plays the role of a wife for her customers, is portrayed as a person with a perfect image from birth.

She is a woman who is not only beautiful but also has many certificates and is a woman that all men would prefer.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Choi Sang-eun will meet with Jung Ji-ho (Ko Kyung-pyo), a long-term mystery customer, to play her role in their contract marriage.

And on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, she meets superstar Kang Hae-jin (Kim Jae-young).

Choi Sang-eun only takes one day off. 

She makes it a rule to have time for herself on Sundays.

Park Min-young promoted her drama, saying, “My job as a contract marriage master may be unfamiliar, but I thought it is a job that will really exist in modern society.”

Viewers can check out a Park Min-young who meets her 2 different customers every other day in person from September 21st on tvN.

Source: insight

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