Lee Seung Gi’s refusal of hotel reservation in Atlanta is also controversial, “Not suitable for his class”

Amid criticism over Lee Seung Gi’s poor fanservice during his US tour, some people also raised power abuse suspicion

Atlanta Hankook Ilbo issued an article about Lee Seung Gi’s Atlanta concert at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on August 30th. According to the report, Lee Seung Gi finished the concert safely but his attitude upon arriving at Atlanta on the 28th caused a controversy. 

Hilton Atlanta Embassy Suites

In particular, Lee Seung Gi reportedly canceled his visit to a restaurant owned by Koreans who sponsored his concert due to poor health conditions. The restaurant owner also expressed disappointment, saying “I wonder if Lee Seung Gi only used ‘health condition’ as an excuse”.
The newspaper also quoted an official of Lee Seung Gi’s concert organizing company, saying “Lee Seung Gi arrived at the reserved hotel, however, he did not get out of the car and moved to another hotel without giving any explanation.”

America K, a local Korean media outlet, mentioned this issue in detail, saying “They booked a suite at Embassy Suites Hotel in Duluth (known as Korean town in Atlanta), but left for another hotel with a CEO and a director of his company”. 

Hilton Atlanta Embassy Suites

There is a statement that the hotel suite booked by the local host company was “not suitable for his class” so the actor unilaterally switched to another hotel. Since such a claim has not been confirmed, netizens are trying to find photos of the hotel that was rejected by Lee Seung Gi to support their argument.

As such, Internet users are spreading photos of the hotel suite in online communities, such as FMKorea, and evaluating its quality.

On the website of the hotel, there are about 9 types of suite rooms. One-day accommodation through online reservation costs around 230 USD (about 300,000 won) ~ 310 USD (400,000 won). 

Hilton Atlanta Embassy Suites

In fact, it was not a luxury hotel room that costs thousands of dollars per night so from the perspective of a celebrity, it could have been considered “unsuitable”. Some have also begun to criticize the local host company for not accommodating their guest properly.

However, Lee Seung Gi’s rejection of a pre-booked hotel on the day of his accommodation is said to be an impolite act that disregards the hospitality of the host.

In response, netizens showed mixed reactions. While some criticized the actor, saying “As a celebrity, Lee Seung Gi should have responded to the situation in a more mature way”, etc., many defended him, saying “Lee Seung Gi is not a person like that, right?”, “The official exaggerated the story”, “The hotel facility looks quite bad”, etc.

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