IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin Recalls Meeting Hyeri, “I Followed Her Around All Day And Wanted To Ask For Her Number”

IVE member Ahn Yu-jin met with Hyeri on “Hyeri’s Club” and expressed her desire to exchange contact with the senior singer

On May 3rd, Hyeri’s YouTube channel uploaded a new video for the content “Hyeri’s Club” featuring IVE members Ahn Yu-jin and Gaeul.

In the video, IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin and Gaeul appeared as guests on the show and showcased their chemistry with Hyeri. Ahn Yu-jin told Hyeri, “You took such great care of me so I have a new goal that day. I actually followed Hyeri all day long”, adding, “I really wanted to ask for your number but couldn’t say it out of my mouth in the end”. 

an yujin-hyeri-

She shyly shared, “It’s been two years. Since I met you today, I’ll ask for your number”. In response, Hyeri said, “Actually, it was my first time at the event back then. I was also nervous and felt unfamiliar with everything. You looked even more relaxed than I thought”, complimenting Ahn Yu-jin. Gaeul added, “Yu-jin is really good at keeping calm”.

Hyeri then said, “Since you guys come to ‘Hyeri’s Club’, I’ll make you a cocktail. I’ll make you a special Cinderella cocktail today. Do you like fresh food? Something that tastes like fruit?”. The two IVE members said they liked it.

an yujin-hyeri

Hyeri said to IVE, “Do you like cocktails?”. Gaeul replied, “I like it. I love sweet things like Kalua milk and Malibu orange”. Ahn Yu-jin said, “I always want to try a variety of things. Actually, you need to go outside and have someone make it for you. I’m trying it for the first time”.

After drinking the cocktail made by Hyeri, Ahn Yu-jin commented, “I love it. It’s not too sweet”, expressing her satisfaction. Gaeul also praised Hyeri’s cocktail, saying “It’s very delicious”.

Meanwhile, IVE made their comeback by releasing the new album “IVE SWITCH” on April 29th.

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