BIGBANG fans were overcome with joy and sorrow: Taeyang suddenly deleted SNS while Daesung made an unexpected face reveal in an acquaintance’s post 

The contrast between Taeyang and Daesung raised questions of whereabouts and personal life. 

Taeyang’s sudden removal of posts on social media raised curiosity. Currently, there are no posts left on his account, and the profile picture has been changed to a black image.

Usually, Taeyang was the active member who communicated with fans through SNS even during his period with few activities. In addition to everyday life, he also shared all kinds of events, from small to large, such as celebration posts of Big Bang members’ birthdays or promoting their new albums. In particular, he also announced his marriage with his wife Min Hyo-rin on SNS.

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Despite SNS being an important communication channel for him, all of the posts have been deleted overnight. The change in behavior drew speculations of his motives and concerns of any changes in his personal life.

On the contrary, some said that Taeyang may be preparing for a solo comeback. Lee Chan-hyuk, a junior at YG, also removed all posts ahead of his solo debut.

Big Bang Taeyang’s Instagram, where all the posts were deleted as of the 28th.

On the other hand, on the 28th, actress Jang Hee-jin revealed the whereabouts of Daesung, a member of the same group. She posted on her SNS with the caption, “Healing time after a long time. Precious people. A wine bar with a nice atmosphere. 10 years have passed, we seem to take after each other”. Daesung was seen with other acquaintances in the post. 

daesung jang hee jin
Image: Jang Heejin’s Instagram

Daesung and Jang Hee-jin have been friends for 11 years following their appearance together in the MBN drama “What’s Up”, back in 2011. Daesung appeared with trademark half-moon eye smile in the presented photo. 

daesung jang hee jin
Image: Jang Heejin’s Instagram

VIPs are welcoming Dae-sung’s recent appearance with positive feelings while expressing curiosity to Taeyang’s sudden disappearance. Most recently, Big Bang made a comeback in April with a new song named “Still Life” after four years.

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Source: Daum

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