This male actor earned his living by doing demolition work since he has no job for a year

There is a male actor who did not hesitate to do dirty work to raise living expenses during a long hiatus.

On the March 3rd episode of MBC entertainment program ”I Live Alone”, actor Lee Yoo Jin appeared as a guest and revealed his daily life.

Lee Yu-jin

According to the actor, he decorated by himself a semi-basement house with a deposit of 5 million won and a monthly rent of 350,000 won. He also showed sincerity in landscaping by placing various plants and benches in the front yard.

Then, when the production team asked why he decorated the house this way, Lee Yoo Jin confessed, “When I started living in this house, I had no work for a year. Everything became difficult as if there’s something hindering me.”

Lee Yu-jin

Therefore, Lee Yoo Jin started to do demolition work and get paid per day. Footage of Lee Yoo Jin taking a break at a dusty demolition site was then shown on the screen. The actor also showed a positive side by taking a selfie even while working hard. 

“I collected my money to buy a carpet, and then I saved up to buy a shelf. (The house) took a long time to be completed”, he shared, adding, “There will be no place more precious than this house because I completed it during the most meaningful time for me.”

Lee Yu-jin
Lee Yu-jin

Hearing these shares, Key said that it must have been difficult for Yoo Jin since it was not his main job, to which Yoo Jin replied, “I started living alone and thought I would do well. But everything went wrong. I think I was at a crossroads between whether to act or not after the work was overturned. The good thing about working on the demolition site was that I gained confidence. I can hold out. That’s why I think I’ve become stronger since then.”

Lee Yu-jin

Finally, when asked if he had received support from his parents, Yoo Jin said, “At that time, I couldn’t tell my parents. Later, when I laughed and talked about it, they asked where I got the experience and said I did well.”

On the other hand, Lee Yoo Jin previously appeared on the Mnet survival audition show “Produce 101 Season 2”, and gained a lot of attention. His father is the middle-aged actor Lee Hyo Jung.

Source: Insight 

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