After Brave Girls disbanded, Minyoung became a coffee shop owner

Minyoung, a former member of girl group Brave Girls, has turned into the owner of a cafe.

Recently, in online communities, there have been reports of witnesses saying that Minyoung, a former member of Brave Girls, can be found answering to customers at a cafe. It is reported that the female idol has set up a franchise cafe near the Seoul campus of Kyunghee University.


In the published photos, Minyoung can be seen receiving orders directly from cafe guests and making drinks by herself. Photos and souvenirs from her activities as Brave Girls activities are placed throughout the cafe, drawing attention.

brave girls minyoung
brave girls minyoung

On the other hand, in February, Brave Girls concluded their exclusive contract with Brave Entertainment, and released the final digital single “Goodbye”. The girl group, which enjoyed explosive popularity with “Rollin’” and became a symbol of “revival”, eventually went their separate ways, unable to overcome the Kpop’s “7-year-curse”.

At the time, Minyoung also discuss the possibility of Brave Girls’ reunion in the future, saying, “I can’t help but regret that I can’t be with the members anymore as a whole group right now, but we decided to respect each other’s will and would like to confirm that the four of us are always on the same mind.”

Source: Daum 

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