Kim Jong-kook’s real loveline is revealed, not Yoon Eun-hye or Song Ji-hyo but another woman

Singer Kim Jong-kook told the story of his peculiar relationship with Chae-yeon. 

SBS’ “Running Man“, which aired on the afternoon of Nov 7th, is conducted as a “Nogari of Memories” themed mission. In this episode, Kim Jong-kook was asked by the members, “There’s a rumor that Chae-yeon used to like you, tell us.”

In response, Kim Jong-kook said, “I met Chae-yeon in a program called ‘Stardate’ when she was in high school and was still called Jin-sook (before changing her name to Chae-yeon). Jin-sook was my fan, and she met me as a celebrity,” he explained.

“Running Man” Kim Jong-kook explained his rumor: “Chae-yeon said she liked me?”

However, Yang Se-chan drew laughter by saying, “Then was it a triangular relationship then?” and even his best friend Jang Hyuk said, “It was not a triangular relationship, but there was something on both sides.”


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