Lee Se-young on “Knowing Bros”, “Lee Jin-ho is my ideal type like fate. He’s cute and funny”

Actress Lee Se-young appeared on “Knowing Bros” and picked comedian Lee Jin-ho as her ideal type like fate.

Lee Se-young joined the broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” which aired on the afternoon of February 19th. 

Knowing Bros

On this day, Kang Ho-dong said, “I heard that there is a person who is Lee Se-young’s ideal type of destiny in this class”.

Lee Se-young shyly confessed, “Oh, it’s Jin-ho”. Immediately, Kim Hee-chul commented, “Ho-dong is disappointed”.

Knowing Bros

Upon hearing this, Lee Se-young said, “I have liked him a lot since a long time ago”. Lee Jin-ho proudly said, “This news is everywhere in the entertainment industry. Everyone knows”

Knowing Bros

Regarding the reason why she picked Lee Jin-ho as her ideal type, Lee Se-young said, “First of all, he’s cute and funny. I’ve liked him ever since he appeared in the play ‘세자책봉/Crowning the Prince’. I’m really curious about how he thinks about this”.

Knowing Bros
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