Amid conflict between HYBE VS Min Hee-jin, NewJeans’ Haerin shows growth “Now I can handle more various situations differently”

NewJeans' Haerin caught attention with a more matured appearance

On May 3rd, a video featuring Haerin was released on the channel “Harper’s Bazaar”.

On this day, Haerin participated in an interview, taking time to give honest answers to questions about herself.

newjeans haerin

To the question “It’s been 623 days since I debuted as a singer! That’s calculating from today. But how have I changed compared to the early debut days?“, Haerin replied, “I have more experience than before now, so I can handle more various situations differently.

Furthermore, when asked “A phrase that expresses myself the best?“, she said, “My feelings for you like the memories we share have grown so big. Summer’s already gone and it’s autumn. It’s a line from the song ‘Ditto’ and it’s my part. Every time I sing this part, I can feel sympathetic.”

NewJeans is gearing up for a comeback with the new double single “How Sweet” on May 24th.

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