“Multi-talented” SHINee Min Ho added to his perfection with a solo album

SHINee Min Ho is showing a more complete side of himself as an all-rounder. He is focusing on his solo album 14 years after his debut while acting in various works.

On Dec 6th, Min Ho released “CHASE,” his first solo album in 14 years since his debut as SHINee. From Tae Min, who started, to Jong Hyun, Onew, and Key, Min Ho definitely felt burdened by the other SHINee members as the last SHINee member to release a solo album. However, he also expressed his feelings of excitement thinking that he was “matching the last puzzle.”

Different from his “Fire Charisma” image, in this album, Min Ho chooses the hip-hop R&B genre instead of an intense beat. Min Ho, who usually enjoys listening to hip-hop music, said at a recent press conference, “Aren’t you usually good at what you like?” and explained why he filled his solo album with his favorite genre.

Min Ho’s album contains music with various moods, including the title song “Chase”, “Runaway”, “Prove It”, “Waterfall”, “Choice”, and “Heartbreak”.

The title song “Chase” is a medium-tempo pop song based on hip-hop R&B, with piano loops and arpeggio synth sounds added to the heavy baseline creating a sophisticated mood. The lyrics express the empty feeling of chasing after one’s love in your dream but waking up without being able to feel them.

Min Ho said, “I wanted to do a dark song,” and added, “As soon as I heard the title song, I really liked the sentimental and dark atmosphere with the piano opening. I immediately wanted to do it as the title song.”

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Min Ho was the last member of SHINee to prepare for a solo album, and he felt a bit of pressure. He had a lot of trouble revealing his individual color within SHINee’s framework.

As it contained Min Ho’s long-time concerns, his solo album received worldwide attention as soon as it appeared. Within one day of its release, it ranked first on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 39 countries around the world. In addition, this album topped the Worldwide iTunes Albums chart and the daily album rankings on the Japanese local music platform Recochoku Chart, proving locals’ interest in Min Ho.

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In December, Min Ho debuted as a solo singer and is expected to have a busy schedule. Min Ho will also appear in the drama “The Fabulous”, which is scheduled to be released on Netflix on Dec 23rd. He will work with Chae Soo Bin and steals women’s hearts with his romantic acting in “The Fabulous”.

Min Ho said, “I want to prove myself through this album and various activities.” His multicolored side is expected to create synergy in December when his solo album activity and his appearance as an actor are combined.

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