“Moving” writer hopes for Season 2 “Han Hyo-joo X Lee Jung-ha burst into tears during script reading”

Disney+’s original series “Moving” (directed by Park In-je, Park Yoon-seo/written by Kang Full) concluded its 20-episode journey with a spectacular finale. However, for viewers who still cannot get enough of “Moving”, writer Kang Full released on-site sketch photos and behind-the-scenes commentary to satisfy their curiosity

1. On August 20th, 2021, the cast gathered for a script reading. Kang Full was thrilled to see the talented actors bring his script to life.

moving behind the scene

2. He recalled an emotional scene during the script reading where Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jung-ha, playing mother and son, immersed themselves in their roles and burst into tears. He and director Park In-je were also moved to tears.

3. Kang Full expressed his excitement when he first met Lee Jung-ha and Go Yoon-jung, who portrayed “Bong-seok” and “Hee-soo”. He described them as perfect matches for their roles.

moving behind the scene

4. He highlighted the dedication of the cast and crew during overnight shoots, emphasizing their passion and hard work in bringing the scenes to life.

5. The writer appreciated the collaboration between directors Park In-je and Park Yoon-seo, who worked closely on every scene, providing a sense of trust and reliability on set.

moving behind the scene

6. Kang Full mentioned the dedication of the actors, including Ryu Seung-ryong, Jo In-sung and Moon Sung-geun, who played characters with extraordinary powers, and their commitment to delivering their lines.

7. Park Hee-soon, who Kang Full worked with 15 years ago through the film “BA:BO”, was the perfect choice for the role of “Kim Deok-yun”. Kang Full reached out to him directly to cast him for the series.

moving behind the scene

8. Kang Full shared his surprise at the elaborate sets built for the series, such as “Namsan Tonkatsu”.

9. Kang Full expressed his gratitude to the entire cast and crew and mentioned the final scene involving “Bong-seok” flying, concluding the series with a memorable moment.

moving behind the scene

Kang Full revealed that after the completion of the production, the team had a 1-night, 2-day MT (Membership Training). He expressed his hope for Season 2, reflecting on the 323 days of hard work and warm memories created during the series. The writer looks forward to the possibility of continuing the story with the same team.

Source: Daum

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