Actress Lee Hae-in reportedly earns up to 300 million won by playing the piano while wearing only underwear… How has she been after becoming a Youtuber?

Actress Lee Hae-in, who starred in the sitcom “Roller Coaster, has become a Youtuber with 1 million subscribers.

According to Social Blade, a site that provides analysis on Youtubers, Lee Hae-in reached 1 million subscribers on July 29th. It’s been 5 years and 4 months since she opened her channel in April 2017.

The total number of views on her channel reached 176,682,203 as of 2 p.m on August 3rd. Her monthly income is estimated to be up to 28 million won, which means she can earn up to 300 million won a year. In addition to the advertising revenue of her second channel, Lee Hae-in’s income can be higher.

Lee Hae-in originally uploaded simple videos, such as Vlogs, on her main channel. However, when the video of her playing the piano while wearing only underwear in 2020 became viral, she began to post such sensational videos every week. It was from this point that her channel grew rapidly to reach its current size.

Lee Hae-in once uploaded a video of her playing the piano wearing nothing, even underwear, except for nipple patches and was banned from generating profits on Youtube for a while.

However, the actress did not pay much attention to the controversies over her sexually suggestive contents. In a video released on her Youtube in November 2020, she said, “Would the public be interested in me if I wore clothes while playing the piano? One of my videos recorded 3 million views. If I wore only underwear, wouldn’t my video would get more views?”.

Lee Hae-in made her face known to the public through tvN’s sitcom “Roller Coaster” in 2011. As she couldn’t succeed with her next works, Lee Hae-in reportedly expanded her activities to AfreecaTV in 2019. However, as she failed to establish her name on AfreecaTV, Lee Hae-in is now active only on Youtube. 

Source: nate

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