Jessi picked up a fan’s bra mid-performance and even asked to marry her

Famous for her bold and straight-forward image, famous rapper Jessi showed an iconic reaction as she picked up a bra on stage 

Back in late July, Jessi appeared in London, UK, to attend MIK Festival – an outdoor event with various famous Korean acts, hosted at Southwark Park. Alongside Jessi, popular artists like Epik High, Loco, PH-1, Dok2, and so on, also appeared. However, among all of them, Jessi went the most viral due to her bold “underbood” fashion and an iconic interaction with fans. 

In particular, Jessie spotted a bra on stage while conversing with fans. Instead of getting embarrassed, however, the rapper immediately picked up the bra, jokingly “tried it on”, and hilariously said: “That’s too big, mine’s not that big”. 

The female artist then threw the bra over her shoulder, and even praised the fan that threw the bra. In particular, Jessie said: “This person is so respectful, you know why? It says every artist name that came out tonight. Not giving anyone shade, just loving everybody. Thank you! Thank you for loving hip-hop and K-Pop.”

Jessi then added: “I’m gonna marry you, okay? Come to my concert and I will marry you. I don’t really like girls that way but who knows. I mean, I have never tried.” 

Previously, Jessi also stole the show after male rapper Dok2 claimed he’s more talented than everyone else. 

The female rapper confidently called out the rapper, saying: “There’s a lot of good artists coming out tonight. Today’s Hip Hop night, right? We got a lot, we got some Jay Park, we got some Loco, we got Lee Hi… The f**k is Dok2 talking about?” 

Jessi recently left her former agency, PSY’s P Nation, and is scheduled to meet fans in Jakarta and Manila. A tour in Europe is also in plans, and further details will be announced in the near future. 

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