Jessie exposed her unconventional underboop fashion in London

Singer Jessie showed off an unconventional stage outfit in London.

Jessie posted on Instagram on August 1, “This is why I FUKS WIT LONDON♥♥ THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME. SWIPE TO SEE SOME FUN!!!” and a number of photos.

In the photos, Jessie was performing in London. She attracted attention with her under-boop fashion that exposed her lower chest. She completed the ‘hip’ styling with an incised top and boots.

In particular, Jessie went down to the audience and directly communicated with the fans. She hugged the fans directly, was embarrassed by the radical gesture, and hurriedly got up. Jessie’s confident yet friendly charm stands out.

Jessie recently left Psy after her contract with P Nation expired. In April, the digital single ‘ZOOM’ was released.

Source: nate

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