Mina (TWICE) was bleeding when practising the new song

Because she wanted to give fans the best performance, Mina practised so passionately that she did not feel the pain.

TWICE is currently receiving positive feedback from netizens after their comeback with the song I Can’t Stop Me. However, it is not easy for the 9 girls to create an eye-catching performance, especially since the choreography this time is difficult. In fact, Mina got injured while performing.

Mina (TWICE) was bleeding when practising the new song

The female idol revealed this when she and TWICE divulged some of their most memorable behind-the-scenes moments from the “I Can’t Stop Me” music video shoot in an interview with Seventeen.  Accordingly, TWICE only had a few days to learn the choreography, filming the music video shortly after—which meant everyone had to work harder than usual.

Mina revealed she was working particularly hard to “give the best video to their fans”. In fact, she was dancing so hard during the choreography scenes that her knees began bleeding. However, Mina was so focused on performing that she didn’t even realize she had injured her knee.

Mina (TWICE) was bleeding when practising the new song

Referring to the injury as a “wound of glory or a battle wound “, Mina didn’t seem to fazed by the incident. However,even though the female idol is so resilient, it may have given ONCEs a bit of a scare if they’d been on set that day.Notably, last year Mina already suffered a more serious leg injury.

In January 2019, fans noticed the Japanese member limping when she arrived at the airport one day. A few months later, Mina was seen performing with therapeutic tape on her legs, used to treat injury-related pain. Many fans believe the stress of the injury contributed to worsening the psychological state of the female idol. After that, she was in hiatus for several months to treat her anxiety disorder.

Mina (TWICE) was bleeding when practising the new song

Luckily, Mina seems to be fine despite being injured while recording. However, unfortunately, TWICE was still unable to promote with a 9-member lineup because Jeongyeon had to take a break after being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Sources: koreaboo

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