Matsui Jurina is doubted about leaving ‘Produce 48’ . Is the competition between trainees too harsh?

At this moment, the information that Matsui Jurina is leaving ‘Produce 48’ beacause of health reasons is quickly spreaded out on many forums and online websites.

Today July 3rd, the Korean press gave a news Matsui Jurina (SKE48 member) being injured and there is a possibility to leave from the reality show “Produce 48”. This information was a great shock for her fans, because she is receiving a lot of love and support after her impressive performances in the show. Although, the producer has not confirmed her leaving or staying yet, but if this female idol really gets issues in her health, it is a heavy burden.

Appearing the news Jurina leaving “Produce 48”
Appearing the news Jurina leaving “Produce 48”
Matsui Jurina is now one of the most brilliant contestants from the land of the rising sun. If Japanese trainees are always judged as having low abilites, Jurina has opposite judgements. In spite of coming from Japan, where appriciating cute concepts, Jurina has the actual girlcrush aura. If she does well in next rounds, her prospect of debuting in Mnet girlgroup is high. She is also a winner in recent total vote and becomes the center of AKB48.
Appearing the news Jurina leaving “Produce 48”
Jurina received a great expectations of fans
Presently, the “survival” competion between “Produce 48” trainees is entering the tense period. Chiba Erii contestant used the word “Like- hell” to describe “Produce 48”. Some fans believe that Jurina is too exhauted because of pressure while Japanese traninee is always disregarded and inferior to Korean trainees. Anyway, it is just a rumor, let’s wait until the ogranization of this show raise their voice!

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