How Lee Byung Hun and Kim Seon Ho successfully overcame and returned after controversies related to women

“Entertainment Weekly Plus” takes a look back at past controversies regarding stars’ private lives, and how those stars are doing.

On Jan 19th, KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly Plus” dealt with the homewrecking controversy of actor Choi Jung won, a former member of the group UN, and mentioned other celebrities’ privacy issues.

Amid the ongoing controversies over stars’ private lives, the public views are splitted into: the public’s right to know and the invasion of stars’ privacy.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong has been suffering from controversy over his private life for a long time. He was criticized for assaulting his ex-lover Choi in 2014 and for the paternity dispute with her in 2015. He enlisted amid the legal battle with his ex-lover and naturally stopped promoting. In his first official appearance since the controversy in 2018, Kim Hyun Joong said, “I will repay you with a more human appearance.”

The case ended with Kim Hyun Joong’s final victory and a fine on Choi’s side. Last year, he announced his marriage and welcomed his son to the this world. Since then, he has devoted himself only to activities outside of broadcasting.

On the other hand, some stars have successfully escaped their controversies and returned stably to their main career.

Lee Byung-hun

Actor Lee Byung Hun suffered the biggest crisis in his acting career in 2015 due to controversy over his private life. Model Lee and girl group member Kim blackmailed Lee Byung Hun for a large sum of money with private videos. The court sentenced Lee and Kim, who were arrested and indicted for threatening and blackmailing Lee Byung Hun, to prison in the first trial and suspended their sentences at the appeals court.

Lee Byung-hun

After the incident, Lee Byung Hun expressed his apology. At the moment, he has overcome that controversy with his steady work and excellent acting skills.

Kim Seon Ho was also embroiled in a controversy over his private life. In 2021, his girlfriend Choi revealed that she had been gaslighted by Kim Seon Ho, which led to her aborting their child. Kim Seon Ho officially acknowledged the story and left an apology before suspending his activities.

Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon Ho signaled his return by appearing in a stage play nine months later. At the end of the year, he successfully finished his first fan meeting and even received awards at various awards ceremonies.

Critics Ha Jae Geun commented, “It is true that celebrity is a special occupation of which privacy is frequently disclosed, but too much digging can be a violation of human rights. However, as a celebrity, they need to be aware that they can greatly affect the public and should be careful on a daily basis.

Kim Seon-ho

Meanwhile, an informant A recently revealed that Choi Jung Won, a former UN member, inappropriately met his wife B. Choi Jung Won and his wife, B, are exes, and A claimed that Choi often contacted B even though he knew that she was a married woman. Choi Jung Won eventually denied the claim.

Kim Jung Hoon, another former U.N. member, was also embroiled in controversy over his past private life like Choi Jung Won. In 2019, he was accused of forcing his pregnant ex-girlfriend to abort and money problems. At that time, there were criticisms that he made fun of viewers by appearing on a love program and said he had been single for two years.

Kim Jung Hoon recently started his return by holding fanmeetings with his domestic and foreign fans. However, on Jan 18th, it was reported that he lost the lawsuit filed against his ex-lover.

Source: Xports News

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