Yoo Ah In, who is accused of using 4 types of drugs, was restricted from appearing on KBS

According to News1 on March 17th, KBS said, “We decided to temporarily restrict Yoo Ah In from appearing on KBS as of March 15th.

KBS has designated performers who caused social controversy by illegal or immoral acts as subject to deliberation on broadcasting appearance regulations. “Assault and sex scandals”, “evasion of military service”, “habitual drug use and marijuana smoking”, “fraud/theft/gambling” and “other cases of civil/criminal prosecution” fall under this category.

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Aside from Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of drug use, “drunk-driving” actors Kim Sae Ron and Kwak Do Won, “drug using” composer-singer Don Spike, etc. were included in KBS’ appearance restriction list.

Depending on the announcement of the investigation result in the future, there may be a change in the restrictions on Yoo Ah In’s appearance on KBS.

KBS and Yoo Ah In have continued their relationship for a long time. Yoo Ah In debuted in 2004 with KBS 2TV’s drama “Sharp”. He played the role of a high school student majoring in art dating Lee Ok Rim (Go A Ra), the main character of “Sharp”. Although he only played a minor role in the drama, he caused a sensation called “Ah In Oppa” thanks to his warm appearance and fresh charm. Despite being a so-called “sub male lead”, it is said that the number of his fan cafe members reached 150,000 right after the drama ended.

He later became famous by appearing in KBS’ dramas “April Kiss”, “Drama City”, “Strongest Chil Woo”, “He Who Can’t Marry” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”.

yoo ah in

Yoo Ah In is accused of using 4 types of drugs: propofol, marijuana, ketamine and cocaine. In particular, it was shocking when it was known that he administered 4,400ml of propofol over the course of 73 visits to medical facilities in 2021 alone, with an average of approximately 60ml per visit, which is three times the recommended dosage for procedures such as gastroscopy. Usually, 15~20ml is an appropriate amount for gastroscopy.

Afterwards, he dropped out of Netflix’s series “Hellbound 2”. The release dates of the movie “The Match” and the drama “Goodbye Earth” were delayed.

The police recently executed a search and seizure warrant on Yoo Ah In’s return from the United States. After that, the police conducted searches and seizures of Yoo Ah In’s house and related hospitals as well as investigated acquaintances and the manager who accompanied him to the United States as witnesses. Yoo Ah In is expected to be summoned by the police sometime next week. The summoning will be conducted in private.

Source: Wikitree

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