“Mask Girl” Lee Han Byul “Handsome Monk’s ‘Ma girl’ made me laugh”

Actress Lee Han Byul revealed that she burst into laughter at Park Keun Rok’s acting as Handsome Monk.

On August 30th, an interview with Lee Han Byul, who played the lead role in Netflix’s series “Mask Girl”, was held at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Lee Han Byul took on the role of Kim Momi, an ordinary person with an appearance complex.

When asked about the most memorable scene, Lee Han Byul replied, “It was a scene in which senior Park Keun Rok, who played Handsome Monk, said ‘Ma girl~’.

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Lee Han Byul recalled, “It was the most interesting scene. Originally, there weren’t many ‘Ma girl~’ in the script. In the beginning, it was like ‘You’re Ma girl, right?’ But after that, senior continued it like a chant. It was addictive, so after filming, all the staff called me ‘Ma girl~’. Before that, they called me ‘Momi~’.”

In the drama, Kim Momi met Handsome Monk at a pork belly restaurant. Referring to this scene, Lee Han Byul revealed an episode.

Lee Han Byul shared, “The staff were in front of me because of the camera position. Handsome Monk said ‘You’re so pretty~’ and I was listening seriously. But the staff in front of me lowered their heads one by one. I also had a hard time since I burst into laughter.”

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Mentioning the motel scene, she expressed her gratitude, “The director liked it so much when we filmed on the water bed. At that time, they filmed my outfit one by one to show the disheveled appearance. My hair was straight, but it was getting increasingly wet with sweat. It seems that the scene was able to be completed thanks to the power of makeup.”

Sources: edaily

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