Park Seo Joon and IU flaunts unyielding “bickering” chemistry

Director Lee Byeong Heon’s new film “Dream” is raising expectations with the unexpected chemistry between Park Seo Joon and IU.

Dream” revolves around football player Yoon Hong Dae, who receives disciplinary provision and is given the challenging job of coaching the national football team of homeless people for the Homeless World Cup. Park Seo Joon as Yoon Hong Dae and IU as passionate PD Lee So Min are expected to present bickering chemistry.


The pleasant war of nerves between Hong Dae, who was half-forced to take on the job of coaching the national football team of homeless people, and So Min, who threw off her leash and jumped into documentary production, adds fun to director Lee Byeong Heon’s on-point lines.

After the trailer was released, prospective audiences showed reactions such as “It’s great to see Park Seo Joon and IU’s chemistry”, “I’m so excited about Hong Dae and So Min’s tiki-taka”, “Both are so cute”, and so on.

Park Seo Joon expressed confidence in IU, “I felt IU’s composure, flexibility and effort, so I had the belief that good scenes would be created.” IU said, “There was no awkwardness from the first shoot with Park Seo Joon, and our chemistry was very good.”


Director Lee Byeong Heon confessed, “Park Seo Joon and IU’s chemistry and rhythm were important. I was grateful that the two did well.”

The movie “Dream” has been confirmed to be released on April 26th. It is attracting attention as the most anticipated movie this spring.

Source: daum

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