Hwang Bo-ra’s wedding invitation revealed… “There are two very similar people”

Actress Hwang Bo-ra, who will become ‘the bride of November’, announced her marriage to Kim Young-hoon, “Now, we want to become one and form a beautiful family together”.

The wedding invitation obtained by JTBC Entertainment News on October 13th shows Hwang Bo-ra standing face-to-face with her lover Kim Young-hoon.

In the invitation, the two say, “There are two very similar people. The two’s eyes when smiling every time they look at each other are so much alike. They care for each other in the same way. They resemble each other in the way they appreciate little things. The two now want to become one and form a beautiful family together”, attracting keen attention.

Hwang Bora

Hwang Bo-ra is getting married to Kim Young-hoon in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Nov 6th. Hwang Bo-ra has been in love with Kim Young-hoon, the second son of actor Kim Yong-gun and younger brother of Ha Jung-woo, since 2013. Kim Young-hoon, who also walked the path of acting under the stage name Cha Hyun-woo, is currently working as the head of Ha Jung-woo’s agency Walk House Company and a film producer.

Earlier in July, Hwang Bo-ra wrote on her SNS, “I wrote this because I had some news that I wanted to deliver to everyone who loves me. I am going to marry him, my long-time partner, in November. Thanks to many people’s blessings, we could be together with a stronger love. I want to say thank you to everyone who always supported me. I’ll live happily ever after.”

Source: Nate

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