“Marry?” SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s photos on Christmas left netizens shocked 

“Does he want to marry God..?”, netizens express shock after seeing a new photo published by Mingyu, a member of boy group SEVENTEEN.

On December 25th, SEVENTEEN Mingyu posted photos of various gifts he received from luxury brands on Christmas on his Instagram story. Among them, one photo was captioned with the phase “Marry Christmas”


The correct phrase was supposed to be “Merry Christmas”, but Mingyu seems to have misspelled one letter. Seeing this, many fans tried to correct him with the right spelling via direct messages (DMs), but it seems that the male idol has yet to read them. 

Seventeen Mingyu

Seeing the mistake, some netizens expressed disappointment and left comments like, “Does he want to marry god?”, “Please stop using SNS”, and “It’s hard to find a smart idol”. 

However, considering that English is not Mingyu’s first language, many defended the SEVENTEEN member, saying, “It is a spelling that even adults get confused over”, “This is kind of funny, and it may be a typo”, and “Don’t be jerks, misspelling like this is common”.

On the other hand, despite the mistake, Mingyu hasn’t deleted the post from his social media. 

Source: wikitree, Nate

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