Male version of NewJeans? HYBE’s new boy group BOYNEXTDOOR reveals visuals 

The faces of new boy group BOYNEXTDOOR, which is formed under KOZ Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE, have been unveiled.

On the 12th, a trailer video of Boy Next Door’s debut album ‘WHO!’ was posted on the official HYBE YouTube channel.


In the video, the first member to show his face was Taesan. He amplified curiosity by saying “Hey, listen to me, I think I’m crazy” while talking to someone.

Following this, an image of Woonhak, wearing an orange top and blue jeans and smiling brightly, was revealed. Woonhak displayed a cute and lovable charm while crossing the street holding a teddy bear.


Jaehyun, who appeared in a soccer uniform, stole the show with his high nose, deep double eyelids, and wide shoulders.

The main character of the thumbnail of the video, Sungho, also attracted attention by showing off his sleek jawline, thick eyebrows, and perfect facial features.

Member Riwoo showed off his dancing skills in a record store. He demonstrated amazing dance skills with just a brief groove.


Lastly, member Leehan beautifully pulled off a long hairstyle reaching to the back of his neck.

All six members exude a refreshing atmosphere befitting new faces, and have attracted attention even before their debut.

BOYNEXTDOOR is the first male group introduced by KOZ Entertainment, a label under HYBE.

Particularly, Zico, the representative of KOZ Entertainment, is directly in charge of overall supervision and production of the boy group, drawing much attention.


Upon the release of the video, many netizens showed explosive reactions such as “They seem like male versions of NewJeans,” and “I’m already looking forward to it.”

On the other hand, BOYNEXTDOOR is scheduled to debut on May 30th with the triple title songs “But I Like You”,  “One and Only”, and “Serenade”

Source: Insight

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