List of Kpop female idols who are said to be born to be celebrities: Wonyoung (IVE), Joy (Red Velvet) are named but BLACKPINK’s Jennie is not on the list?

These female idols captivate fans with their superior auras.

Kpop stars have long been seen as the ideal role models in terms of appearance, fashion sense, and stage presence. A list of female idols who were predestined for stardom recently received votes from Korean internet users. On this list, there are numerous well-known members of top groups like BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, IVE, etc.

Jang Wonyoung (IVE)

There is no denying Jang Wonyoung‘s current level of popularity in Korea. The female idol has a great height, a model-like body and a lovely yet arrogant face. Wonyoung frequently makes headlines as the most well-known member of IVE whenever she flaunts her attractiveness. Wonyoung’s visual proves that she was born to be famous.

Sana (TWICE)

As one of the most famous members of TWICE, Sana has a huge fan base who love her attractive looks and adorable personality. On stages, Sana stands out with her confident aura and sexy body.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy has long captured the hearts of fans with her visuals, positive energy, and hot body. Her outstanding appearance proves that she was really born a star.


Since Produce 101, Somi has captured fans’ attention with her stunning appearance and all-encompassing abilities. She was born to be the center of attention. Somi’s look was even more apparent in 2021 when she featured in the music video for “Dumb Dumb” with platinum hair and exuded a regal vibe.

Son Naeun (former Apink member)

Since making her Kpop debut with Apink in 2011, Son Naeun has captured the hearts of fans. In addition to flaunting her flawless physique on stage, Naeun is well known for wearing gym outfits. Owing to the female idol’s impact, even the phrase “Naeun’s leggings” became popular in Korea.

Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin has gained attention ever since making her debut, and fans are drawn to her because of her striking appearance and dynamic stage presence. If Ryujin didn’t make her debut as a Kpop idol, it would be a waste.


Not Jennie, but Jisoo is the only BLACKPINK member to appear on this list. Jisoo’s perfect beauty has captivated the hearts of high-end fashion house – Dior and luxury jewelry brand Cartier. Jisoo is the ideal idol thanks to her enduring beauty and inherent talent; she can shine both on stage and as a fashion ambassador.

Source: K14

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