Though other members are getting more and more beautiful, why does Yuri get criticized for her looks?

Yuri’s looks disappoints netizens at a recent event.

SNSD is the most successful girlgroup that SM ever had. They’re not only famous for their talent but attracted netizens by the gorgeous looks which even gets better year by year.

However, “black pearl” Yuri has disappointed netizens in a recent event. Though the other members are getting more and more attractive in the netizens’s point of view, the female idol’s looks couldn’t get such positive responses.

It is easy to see that the short hair couldn’t help Yuri show her sexy curves. Besides, she seems to be gaining more weight. Many netizens commented that she extremely looks like an ajuma.

Yuri disappointed netizens with her recent appearance.

Surprisingly, Yuri had been known as one of most beautiful members of SNSD. Her sexy body and honey thighs had been the dreams of many women.

Yuri’s golden period of beauty

Maybe Yuri’s downhill appearance is due to the her physique which easily gain weight. Some of the photos which were captured from the performance of “Lion Heart” have exposed that fact. It must be very hard for her to control her weight.

Yuri gains weight easily.

The fans are actively defending Yuri and claiming that the female idol has to gain weight and cut her hair due to her new filming schedule. Yuri isn’t doing any promotion so it’s okay to eat what she likes whenever she wants to.

What do you think about Yuri’s current looks?

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