“Alchemy of Souls” veteran actress Park Eun-hye expresses affection towards Oh My Girl Arin

Actress Park Eun-hye directly mentioned Oh My Girl Arin, whom she worked with in the drama “Alchemy of Souls”.

On June 23rd, Park Eun-hye posted on Instagram, “Our sincere Arin, who will do 100 things if you tell her one thing. Somehow I happened to film dramas with a few idols since last year, and what I feel every time is that I understand how they got to that position at such a young age.”

alchemy of souls

Then she praised Arin, “Idols who work really hard every day~~ Our Arin also proved the power of effort in Alchemy of Souls~”

Besides, she added tags such as “The Jin family fighting”, “Progressive Arin”, “Arin” and “Alchemy of Souls, showing affection for her junior Arin.

alchemy of souls

Starring Park Eun-hye and Arin, tvN’s weekend drama “Alchemy of Souls” drew attention with its brilliant casting even before the start.

Aside from Oh My Girl Arin, NU’EST Hwang Min-hyun and Girl’s Day Park So-jin also appeared and attracted attention. The drama’s first broadcast on June 18th recorded a viewership rating of 5.205% (nationwide).

Alchemy Of Soul

Arin took on her first challenge to act in a traditional drama through tvN’s weekend drama “Alchemy of Souls”. She played the role of Jin Cho-yeon, the youngest daughter of the Jin family.

Park Eun-hye worked with Arin as she played the role of Jin Ho-kyung, the head of the Jin family with strong charisma. Park Eun-hye, who debuted with the musical “Peter Pan” in 1995, has accumulated solid acting skills by appearing in a number of hit works such as “Dae Jang Geum”, “Little Women” and “Yi San”.

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