Lisa (BLACKPINK) released the tracklist of her solo album ‘LALISA’: 5 days countdown

Lisa announced the tracklist of her first solo product, including the participation of many YG’s hit-makers.

At 0:00 (KST) September 6, YG released the tracklist of the single album “LALISA” ahead of the youngest member of BLACKPINK’s solo debut. Accompanying the song list is an impressive image of Lisa. Although she hides one side of her face, she still wins the heart of viewers with her high nose bridge, captivating eyes, and juicy lips. The extra mole at the corner of her eye enhances the charm of the female idol.


Because Lisa released a single album, this tracklist only includes 2 songs called LALISA and MONEY, along with their Instrumental (background music). If the title track is produced by Teddy, Bekuh Boom, 24, the song MONEY is produced by Bekuh Boom, Vince, 24, and R.Tee.

Despite the fact that the album’s tracklist has only just been revealed today, fans have long ago figured out the names of the two songs on the female idol’s first album through the words printed on the CD. As a result, they are no longer surprised. Even the fact that Teddy will contribute to this solo is also nothing new. 


Some people, on the other hand, are upset that Lisa was not able to participate in the composition process. However, the producers of these music products are all familiar names to YG fans. They are all the Kpop world’s most famous hit-makers. As a result, both LALISA and Money may assist the youngest BLACKPINK in making a spectacular debut on September 10.

Famous producers like Teddy…
…Bekuh Boom participated in the production of Lisa’s debut album, promising to help the female idol create a big hit.
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