Youtube views ranking of Kpop artists in Korea in the past year: BTS is unparalleled, IU tops female artists

Let’s take a look at the ranking of Kpop artists with the highest YouTube views in Korea in the last 12 months.

Although Kpop is Korean, compared to international fans, many Koreans don’t often have the habit of mass streaming Kpop idols’ MVs on Youtube. They often support artists’ music by streaming the songs on digital platforms. Therefore, in the ranking of countries that contribute the most views to Kpop artists’ MVs, Korea often ranks lower than other countries.

However, this habit has begun to change in the past one to two years. Koreans have also begun to prefer watching MVs more often to support their favorite artists, and they also consider the view counts as one of the factors that measure an artist’s popularity. Therefore, the number of views by Korean fans has shown signs of increasing significantly.

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Most recently, a post on a Korean online community has listed out the most-watched Kpop male and female artists on Youtube in Korea in the last 12 months (the numbers are counted until September 2021). This ranking can also help to determine which Kpop idols are the most popular in Korea at the moment. Let’s see who are the artists that top the ranking.

Note: Rankings may differ because of the odd number of views. The numbers shown below have been rounded.

Ranking of Kpop female artists

  • 15th place: Chungha – 77.6 million views
  • 14th place: GFriend – 96 million views
  • 13th place: MAMAMOO – 105 million views
  • 12th place: STAYC – 106 million views
  • 11th place: (G)I-DLE – 115 million views
  • 10th place: Taeyeon – 119 million views
  • 9th place: ITZY – 136 million views
  • 8th place: Red Velvet – 148 million views
  • 7th place: IZ*ONE – 155 million views
  • 6th place: Brave Girls – 188 million views
  • 5th place: Oh My Girl – 188 million views
  • 4th place: aespa – 202 million views
  • 3rd place: TWICE – 225 million views
TWICE – ‘Alcohol-Free’ MV
  • 2nd place: BLACKPINK – 373 million views
BLACKPINK – ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV
  • 1st place: IU – 584 million views
IU – ‘Celebrity’ MV

Ranking of Kpop male artists 

  • 15th place: G-Dragon – 36.5 million views
  • 14th place: BTOB – 37.5 million views
  • 13th place: Baekhyun – 37.5 million views
  • 12th place: WINNER – 39.3 million views
  • 11th place: The Boyz – 43 million views
  • 10th place: Stray Kids – 44.8 million views
  • 9th place: Day6 – 59.9 million views
  • 8th place: TXT – 60.4 million views
  • 7th place: EXO – 70 million views
  • 6th place: SHINee – 73.2 million views
  • 5th place: NCT 127 – 79 million views
  • 4th place: NCT Dream – 92.5 million views
  • 3rd place: Big Bang – 111 million views
  • 2nd place: SEVENTEEN – 181 million views
  • 1st place: BTS – 828 million views
BTS – ‘Permission to Dance’ MV

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • This means BTS is the most watched artist on Youtube in Korea with 800 million views!!
  • Wow, even in Korea, BTS is so powerful when it comes to Youtube views!! BLACKPINK is also doing a great job.
  • BTS is on another level!!!
  • IU is amazing!!
  • I’m surprised BIGBANG still ranks this high even though it’s been a long time since they last released new music.
  • Based on this, SEVENTEEN is also very popular in Korea!!
  • aespa is still a rookie but already made it to the top, congratulations!
  • This only counts views in Korea, right? If so, then Bangtan and IU’s views really give me goosebumps!!
  • In Korea, female artists are definitely strong, while Bangtan is simply on another level!!!
  • This is the 2nd year that WINNER has members serve in the military, but they’re still amazing
  • Taeyeon ranks so high!!
  • Looks like our country still listens to BIGBANG’s music on Youtube a lot.
  • aespa has only debuted for a year but they’re already this impressive!!
  • The general public in Korea really pays attention to BTS even though they are Kpop idols.
  • It’s been over 5 years since BIGBANG went on hiatus, but they’re still legendary… Please release a new song ㅠㅠ
  • Someone said that BTS’s popularity in Korea has declined for a long time, but looking at this ranking, they’re just talking nonsense.

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