Lisa (BLACKPINK) swings on a chain over water in the 3rd teaser video, transforming into a black swan with mysterious visual

Lisa continues to appear in a mysterious and dark concept in the 3rd teaser video for her solo debut.

At 0AM KST on September 3, YG released VISUAL TEASER #3 – the 3rd video to introduce Lisa’s solo debut. The sound of running water and heartbeat in the 24-second video bring a sense of mystery, making viewers curious about the official concept of the upcoming solo debut of BLACKPINK’s youngest member.

VISUAL TEASER #3 continues to tease Lisa’s solo debut

In the video, Lisa is barefoot, swinging on a chain above water. The long black hair and the outfit of the same color enhance the female idol’s enchanting visual, making her look like a stunning black swan. This is the same look that appeared in the poster announcing Lisa’s countdown live stream that YG revealed earlier on the night of September 2.

Lisa turns into a black swan…
…and shows off her long legs while swinging on the chain over water

Like previous teaser videos, Lisa continues to drive fans crazy because of her eye-catching visual and top-notch aura. YG has not revealed the music through this visual teaser, so fans and netizens are even more curious and looking forward to September 10 to fully enjoy the single album LALISA.

Lisa’s mysterious look has driven fans insane and aroused more curiosity about the concept

Netizens commented:

  • In the poster yesterday, some people said it was edited but no, Lisa is really on a chain swing. Her long legs and charisma are amazing.
  • I’m curious about the MV concept this time.
  • Lisa is swinging into my heart.
  • Oh my god, Lisa’s long black hair is true love.
  • YG still hasn’t revealed any music other than the sound of running water + pounding heart.
  • Oh my gosh, Lisa’s visual this time is beyond words, so beautiful
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