Lisa appeared in the teaser with a rocker image but half of her face was hidden

Lisa is the next BLACKPINK member to appear in the teaser series of the new album.

On the morning of September 24, YG introduced Lisa’s personal poster to promote her first full album titled THE ALBUM of BLACKPINK. This time, she brought a cooler and stronger image than the previous comebacks.

In the teaser photo, although Lisa posed to cover part of her face with her hands, she still showed off her beauty like a Barbie doll. So based on the hairstyle, it seems that Lisa had shaved the inner layer of her hair. 

However, the highlight is her outfits. The maknae of Blackpink wore a spiked leather jacket with her personality like a real rocker. Maybe BLACKPINK this time will come back with the image of “bad girls”. 

So, through the outfit and the light-colored hair that Lisa revealed, the fans were also happy that the Thai female idol was… the only member they guessed correctly in the back-shadow teaser of BLACKPINK. In the previously teased photo, the first girl appeared with black-platinum-colored ombre hair and a leather jacket. This pose matches what Lisa wore in her first personal teaser.

However, the order in which YG’s members are released photos still makes many people shocked. 2 days ago, because Jisoo was the first and then the next one wá Jennie, the fans assumed that the photos of the 4 girls would be “released” in order of age. so today it is Rosé’s turn. Accordingly, it must be Rosé’s turn today. But the third member to appear was Lisa. Looked like YG was still working spontaneously.

Let’s wait for the next photo of Lisa released this afternoon to see if there are any surprises!

Some fan comments after Lisa’s teaser appeared:

  • I correctly guessed the first person was Lisa, but (YG) still knows how to trick because I guessed today will release the poster of Chaeng.
  •  Dara made a one-sided shaved head so hot in the past. Now is Lisa
  • I thought this time would be Rosé’s turn … YG was so surprising.
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