Yoo Ah-in “Just set up an academy in the neighborhood apartment complex”… “Be careful with what you say”

Actor Yoo Ah-in was furious.

On July 19th, Yoo Ah-in drew attention by saying through his Instagram, “I have to stand on the tips of my toes. If you’re going to do it like this, quit it and just set up an academy in the neighborhood apartment complex.” Yoo Ah-in, who left proof shots taken at his close friend’s exhibition earlier, drew attention of netizens with his hard-to-understand words.

Yoo Ah-in

Some netizens criticized Yoo Ah-in’s remarks by comments such as “What’s wrong with neighborhood apartment complex academies?”, “People who set up neighborhood apartment complex academies must be angry”, “Did you fight?” and “Be careful with what you say.”

Yoo Ah-in

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in will appear on Netflix’s “Goodbye Earth”. In this series, there are 200 days remaining until Earth’s collision with an asteroid, and it tells the stories of four individuals living through the chaotic situation.

Source: Nate

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