Bang Min-ah to star in ENA “Delivery Man” alongside Yoon Chan-young of “All Of Us Are Dead”

Girl’s Day Bang Min-ah will take on the female lead role in ‘Delivery Man’.

Thanks to the popularity of the YTN star, Bang Min-ah took on the female lead role in ENA channel’s new drama ‘Delivery Man’ (Genie production studio). As the ghost of a young girl with amnesia, she holds the real key to solving the play’s stories with the delivery man.

‘Delivery Man’ is a story about a taxi driver who will help a ghost fulfill her last wishes. Previously, actor Chan-young Yoon in ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ was known for taking on the role of a taxi driver, a delivery man, raising many expectations about the cooperation between the two. In addition, the series has also begun filming the first episodes and is scheduled to air this year.

Meanwhile, Bang Min-ah debuted in the group ‘Girl’s Day’ in July 2010 and is currently active as an actor. Last year, the actress played the role of Ha Song-i in the MBC drama “Check the Event”. In addition, she was appointed as the ambassador for the ‘Seoul International Women’s Film Festival’, which will be held on August 25.

‘Delivery Man’ is a 12-episode drama aired on ENA channel and the seezn platform.

Source: daum

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