Lisa and Liu Yifei – the only two Asian global ambassadors of BVLGARI

Liu Yifei recently became the second Asian global ambassadors of BVLGARI

BVLGARI is a high-end jewelry brand favored by fashion enthusiasts. Currently, a series of world-famous celebrities are serving as global ambassadors for the brand. Among them, in the Asian region, Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Liu Yifei are two rare beauties who have caught the attention of BVLGARI.

After Lisa (BLACKPINK), Liu Yifei became the second Asian beauty to be a global ambassador for BVLGARI. This information quickly sparked discussion among fans. In the image accompanying the brand’s global ambassador announcement, the actress is wearing a set of expensive jewelry. Liu Yifei exudes a delicate, pure, and ethereal beauty.

After being officially appointed as a BVLGARI ambassador, Liu Yifei attended an event held by the fashion house in Shanghai, China. Here, the actress wore a set of sparkling jewelry, featuring the brand’s iconic serpent symbol. With her “pure and crystalline” charisma, Liu Yifei successfully captured the spotlight at the event.

Before being appointed as an official ambassador for BVLGARI, Liu Yifei has frequently worn the brand’s jewelry. The Chinese actress has always mesmerized fans with her elegant and refined demeanor, which helps elevate the value of the items she wears.

Liu Yifei
In 2017, Liu Yifei wore a BVLGARI tiara crafted from 750 precious stones at an event. (Photo: Weibo)
Liu Yifei
At the 13th Macau International Film Festival, Liu Yifei wore a pair of long, sleek BVLGARI earrings that exuded a luxurious aura. (Photo: Weibo)
Liu Yifei
At the beginning of March 2023, the actress wore a BVLGARI serpent motif jewelry set for a magazine photoshoot. (Photo: Weibo)

Before Liu Yifei, Lisa was the only Asian celebrity to hold the title of BVLGARI Global Ambassador. She has had several opportunities to wear a range of expensive items from BVLGARI.


Lisa participated in the ideation process for a limited edition watch of the BVLGARI brand. (Photo: Instagram lalalalisa_m)

In addition, Lisa once wore the Mediterranean Queen design, which was crafted from five Paraiba tourmaline stones weighing a total of 473.82 carats. The price of this necklace is said to be no less than 9 million USD.

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