Jungah (former After School member) named her second child after Jennie

Surely Jungah also wants her daughter to be beautiful and talented like BLACKPINK Jennie

Former After School member, Jungah has just confirmed on her personal Instagram that she is pregnant with the second child with her husband, athlete Jung Chang Young. 

In Korea, there is an interesting culture.  Mothers give their babies a nickname before the babies are born. It is called a pregnancy nickname (tae-myeong).

Because she is a big fan of Jennie (BLACKPINK), Jungah decided to nickname her child “Jennie”.  She shared, “I want to name my pregnancy ‘Jennie’ for my unborn baby. Yes, that’s right. That’s BLACKPINK’s Jennie. You’ll understand, right, Jennie?”.  

Fans are surprised and delighted. Apparently, Jungah also hopes that her child will be as talented and pretty as Jennie. And not only the former After School member, perhaps many mothers in Korea want the same.  Netizens have sent their best wishes to the baby and the former idol.

Source: Instagram

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