Lim Jin-mo: “BTS’s tremendous success should not be connected to a military service exemption”

Lim Jin-mo, a music critic, expressed his opinion on the controversy over whether BTS will receive a military service exemption.

At MBC’s “100-Minute Debate” held on September 20th, professionals discussedBTS Military Service Controversy and Politics These Days” on “100-Minute Debate.”

Former NIS director Park Ji-won said, “The values have changed. There are cases where we have treated pop culture artists poorly. According to the Military Service Exemption Act, all athletes are eligible. Why doesn’t that apply to popular culture and arts personnel too? There is no case that has promoted national prestige as much as Psy and BTS. So I think military service exemption is a must.”

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Critic Lim Jin-mo said, “I acknowledge that BTS’s performance is enormous. I definitely think that they should be rewarded. But it should not be connected to a military exception or exemption. I think it is right for the members to enlist sequentially. I believe that it will not only bring equity but also good effects for them in the end,” he reasoned.

According to the Military Service Act, only art and sports professionals who have contributed to national prestige and cultural development can serve as art and sports personnel instead of military enlistment.


Lim Jin-mo, a critic, said, “I am glad that social recognition of pop culture artists is increasing. However, the pop music field presupposes profits from investment. In the end, them being recognized, remembered, and loved by the public is the biggest reward. No matter how much they have contributed socially and overseas, I think it is unfair to grant them a military exemption or exception.”

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He explained his point, saying, “Classic and Korean traditional music is a little different from pop art. When surveyed in the late 1990s, the market share of the pop culture sector was 95%, while classical and Korean music combined was 5%. It’s weak and needs protection. Its situation is different from pop music. In terms of protection, special military service cases can be applied as a special concept. I think military service exemptions should disappear if possible, but I understand that area. However, without having to do so, I think popular music is still getting a lot of corresponding results,” he said, referring to the fact that success in the field of popular art, which has a capitalist and economic orientation, returns in commercial rewards.

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Critic Lim also said, “I don’t know why it should be linked to military exemption. It can lead to unfairness among young people of the same generation who are about to join the military. The keywords of this era are so different from when I joined the military. What matters is fairness, equality and justice. Popular artists received a lot of success and social recognition. Unlike other fields, I think BTS is already enjoying a lot. If they receive a military service exemption here… ” and “Many say that enlistment can hinder the continuity of their activities. However, in reality, seven of them will join the army sequentially depending on their age. It is not necessary for them to join at once. Six people or five people can still promote,” he explained.


In particular, critic Lim Jin-mo added, “It is too complicated to make new special military service regulations. Sports have gold, silver, and bronze medals, and pure art culture has a clear condition regarding related competitions. However, I wonder how to set standards in the field of popular art. It’s so hard to decide whether it should be five singles on Billboard, how many times they should appear on a famous magazine cover story, or win a Grammy. BTS’s success is too obvious, but this is not the end.” He pointed out that many procedures would follow and would be too complicated to apply military service exemptions for pop art personnel.


He also said, “I think young people who are still about to join the military will think that it is better for BTS to join the military. BTS has made a lot of money and they are seen as a team that has already achieved everything,” he added.

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