Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s holiday in Jeju: Lovely photos revealed by a lucky fan after a year 

A lucky fan got to meet Son Ye Jin and her now-husband Hyun Bin on a trip with friends, but only recently shared photos. 

From their official relationship announcement to marriage, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin mostly kept things private and rarely made public appearances. They were said to have gone on Jeju together in July 2021, but there were no pictures. 

However, a lucky fan recently dropped photos of the couple’s trip. The fan ran into Son Ye Jin and her best friend Song Yoon Ah at Jeju, but only dropped this information a year later. From newly-released photos, we can see Son Ye Jin dressed in a red and white checked dress while walking her puppy “Kitty”. This outfit totally matched with previous pictures posted on Son Ye Jin’s SNS. 

From the behind shot, we can see the stunning physique of Son Ye Jin. Even while casually strolling around, she shone like a main character from a romance movie. Fans also suspected that Hyun Bin took the old photos that Son Ye Jin published. 

Son Ye-jin
A netizen just released photos of Son Ye Jin in July 2021. Even on the street and from behind, the actress looked super outstanding. 
Son Ye-jin
From the front, Son Ye Jin shined even more with her soft style and elegant vibes. The actress is truly among the top celebrities in Korea, and her visuals spoke volumes even through photos. 
hyun bin son ye jin
Hyun Bin also went with Son Ye Jin on this trip. The gorgeous, radiant visuals of the “nation’s first love” capture fans’ hearts. 
Son Ye-jin
Son Ye-jin
Here are some other photos taken during the trip revealed by Son Ye Jin. These beautiful shots are believed to be taken by Son Ye Jin’s personal “cameraman” Hyun Bin.

Previously, it became known that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin visited Jeju together for a vacation because a netizen shared photos of both of their autographs and revealed in July 2021, “Although I didn’t meet them in person, Hyun Bin went with Son Ye Jin to a resort owned by an acquaintance.”

Although there is no photo of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin together in Jeju, their autographs are proof they went there as a couple. It can be seen that before tying the knot on March 31, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin still tried to spend some private time with just the two of them outside of their busy schedules. 

hyun bin son ye jin
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin left their autographs at a resort on Jeju Island in July 2021
hyun bin son ye jin
After 2 years of dating, the two officially got married on March 31

Source: K14

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