“Should I try egg freezing procedure?”… The egg freezing process revealed by a former girl group member shocks netizens

The number of unmarried women, including celebrities, undergoing egg freezing in Korea is increasing significantly.

In line with the steady increase in women’s age of getting married for the first time, it seems like the option of freezing eggs as a way to invest for the future is also getting more and more popular among women. Many female celebrities, including broadcaster Sayuri and Lee Ji-hye, recently became hot topics after revealing that they had received that procedure.

Egg Freezing

JoongAng Daily published an article on May 16th, saying that the egg freezing procedure is spreading like a trend. According to the report, the number of women undergoing this procedure has been increasing rapidly over the past 10 years. In the case of Cha Medical Center, a representative institution for procedures, the number of egg freezing procedures they did for unmarried women last year was 1194, more than double the record of two years ago.

Egg Freezing

Experts and people who experienced egg freezing procedures are worried about people trying this. This is because the cost for one procedure is worth 5 million won and they also have to endure things, such as time constraints as well as tough and intense steps, etc. 

Egg Freezing

At this point, a video showing the process of egg freezing procedure unveiled by Chae Eun-jung, a former member of girl group Cleo, is being re-examined.

Egg Freezing

Chae Eun-jung uploaded a video on her Youtube channel in November last year telling about her experience of egg freezing. She shared everything about the process, from all kinds of tests, schedules for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, and collecting eggs. 

She said, “In fact, I was worried a lot while doing this. It’s not easy to take a shot”, adding, “It’s a big procedure, but this step seems to be too simple”. After undergoing egg freezing treatment, she confessed, “I heard I have to collect and freeze two or three times in this way to reach the right amount. I don’t have the confidence to do so”, adding, “Personally, I don’t want to recommend this to others”.

Egg Freezing

According to the process revealed by Chae Eun-jung, she had to inject her stomach as scheduled and visit the hospital from time to time. 

A netizen who watched this video commented, “I thought it was a light process since they said they would only collect eggs, but it’s much harder than I thought. You must have had a hard time”. In response, Chae Eun-jung said, “Nothing is easy in this world”.

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