“Superman-like dad”… Netizens express condolences to the death of WINNER Song Mino’s father

Netizens around the world are expressing condolences to the death of WINNER Song Mino’s father.

Song Mino‘s agency YG Entertainment said through an official position on Nov 21st, “Song Mino’s father passed away. Song Mino is currently guarding the mortuary with his family, and the funeral will be held quietly with his family and friends.”

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Song Mino has been showing his special feelings for his father through various broadcast programs. In 2015, when appearing with his father on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 4”, he shared, “He was a Superman-like dad. I felt that ‘he’s just a normal human being’ after I became an adult.”

When appearing on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” last March, Song Mino expressed his concern about his father, “My father is sick now. He has a bad liver. It’s been a while since he wasn’t feeling well, but he hasn’t properly managed his condition, so his disease has worsened.”

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In addition to WINNER’s activities, Song Mino is actively engaged in artistic activities as a painter. He recently announced a new challenge as an actor through the movie “Seoul Vibe”. The sudden news of his father’s death adds sadness as he was creating an expanded world by showing his own talents amid his father’s strong support.

Netizens are leaving comments through Song Mino’s personal channel, such as “Your father will rest in peace“, “I hope you won’t be too sad” and “May he rest in peace.”

Source: Daum

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