Lee Teuk (Super Junior) expressed his concern over his current weight drop over new Instagram update 

Lee Teuk (Super Junior) is concerned about losing too much weight.

On February 21st, Lee Teuk (Super Junior) posted an Instagram story with a photo of his scale showing 57.52 kilograms with a phrase that said, “Please stop losing weight.” Lee Teuk’s current weight showed that the singer was actually quite thin, and he was concerned about his weight dropping. 

Super Junior Leeteuk instagram

Lee Teuk is known to have maintained his weight in the 60kg range. However, he confessed that he lost weight rapidly due to a recent health condition. Lee Teuk’s height shown on his profile was 178 cm tall and he weighed 57 kilograms. Considering this BMI, the singer was considerably underweight. It became more concerning to know that Lee Teuk’s actual height was only about 174 cm. 

Super Junior Leeteuk

Lee Teuk debuted with the boy group Super Junior in 2005 and started working as a TV host at “M! Countdown” in the same year. Currently, Lee Teuk is the MC for TV Chosun’s golf entertainment program “The Queens” that started airing on February 19th. 

Source: wikitree

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